I Got Some Roses…

Yesterday I was chilling out at the house then I got a message from Matthew,  he told me I should go down to Fred’s because they’re handing out free roses! I was getting kinda excited cause, I kinda like roses and haven’t gotten flowers from anyone in a while, and I thought it was time to use one of my vases again. He told me when he was going to have to leave and I made sure I got there before he left so we could look at them together.

I got there and he was outside with one of his friends. I thought we were all going to walk in and grab one but Matthew pulled one out from behind him, it was a perfect red rose, it made me smile :)! Then our friend pulled one out from behind him and it was a pink rose. He’s like a little brother to me too, so it was so sweet to get roses from my little brother(s) :)!





DSC_0154 DSC_0163

Make a Wish

I walked around my yard today looking at all the beautiful things that have been growing… And then I saw these! I know most people don’t like them but I do because they’re so fun… “Blow it and make a wish!” I love that idea!! So I took a picture to smile at :)!


South Carolina!

Day 1

On our way to our hotel in South Carolina



Day 2

Spill the Beans Coffee Shop

During our trip, I got to have three coffee’s from this place :) they have really good coffee :D!




Down Town







In the Park


 Aren’t the vines on this tree sooo cool?! There were vines growing up tree’s all over the area, I thought they were soo beautiful :)!









 I was having so much fun taking pictures of these until my family reminded me to be careful cause they attack :/… I got a little closer, then the one with his neck up quickly looked at me, I backed up some and took one last pictures. After that I made sure to keep my distance :)!




 This is a rock bridge! Isn’t it beautiful?!


Check out the roots to this tree! We saw a picture of this tree in the coffee shop, and I was surprised the roots actually were soo long, and so out of the ground!















In the General Store

This store had a whole lot of cute things! I really enjoyed reading the coffee cups, and looking at the neat journals they had! They had collectables and a lot of cool Coca-Cola things. Everything in the General Store was really neat and fun to look at :)!






Back to Downtown






This was at a near University




North Carolina

On one of the last day’s we were in South Carolina, we decided to go see what’s around, so we went to the nearest part in North Carolina. We walked down the street and into a bunch of the shops, most of the shops had antiques. We really wanted to go to the Sandwich and Soda place for dinner then go by ‘Sweet Frog’ for dessert, but then we found out that all the eating places closed at 5ish :/ we were ready to eat at about 5, so we didn’t get to eat in a cool place… but they looked like nice places to eat :)!



The whole trip was so beautiful! I am glad I had my camera so I could take all these pictures and more. Hopefully next time I go to South Carolina, it’ll be summer time so the tree’s will be full and everything will be bloomed… but you know…? I think it was really beautiful there anyways, even though the trees didn’t have much on them, I guess all the vines growing up them made up for the leaves ;) those were soo beautiful!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I think that the awesomest Holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving) is my absolute favorite time of the year :)! We often get destracted, though by the food and gifts – that we forget the reason’s for the season! Well, my dad created a new tradition for every Thanksgiving… it’s to go around the table at dinner time and name off one thing at a time that you’re thankful for. So… I’m gonna name a couple right now:

  1. A God Who answers my prayers in miraculous ways
  2. My Salvation
  3. A very close-knit family
  4. God’s Word written personally to me
  5. Amazing friends that I can always count on
  6. Parents who care about us and will love us no matter what
  7. Shelter and Warmth
  8. Running Vehicles
  9. Yummy Foods (especially hot apple pie on Thanksgiving ^_^)
  10. Our Freedom

:)! Even though I’m not rich with money, I do have the love of God living inside of me! That is the biggest thing I’m thankful for… so that not only do I have eternal life with Him, but I can try my hardest to honor and glorify Him in everyday that He has made for me!

Here are some pictures that I’ve taken this Thanksgiving :)! I got to help my mom in the kitchen this year and really enjoyed that!

DSC_0003 DSC_0019 DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0026 DSC_0065 I got to make the green bean carrerole and the sweet potatoe casserole :), you can find the recipes on spiffyspoons.wordpress.com :)!